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Working across all media platforms, I have an extensive background and over 20 years experience in creating original content for TV, film, Web, mobile applications, VR and video games.


I have developed and created interactive marketing and audience engagement content for a broad range of clients in various business sectors including: health care, entertainment, manufacturing, high-tech and software, financial, and education.


Content Strategy

I employ a comprehensive approach used to identify and analyze existing material as well as aid in the creation of new and original content. Before writing begins, an evaluation is made and presented using a set of tools that help capture, brainstorm and organize content based on the particular requirements for the project. I offer a full set of development services, which include content gap analysis and audits along with inventory and matrix creation. I also help develop brand voice, messaging, editorial guidelines and taxonomy. Additionally, I offer ideation around engagement approaches, syndication strategy and development across platforms.



I have the unique experience as a writer to have worked extensively in traditional media and across many different digital platforms. I am a screenwriter with multiple credits and can provide a full spectrum of writing services for game narratives, mobile apps, VR/360 and enterprise website content. Additionally, over the past 20 years, I have been engaged to write original narrative projects as well as white papers, magazine features, marketing collateral and commercials.


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I have served as producer to create audio-visual assets for interactive, Web and mobile app projects. I work with clients to ideate concepts, write scripts, hire crews, generate budgets and oversee the physical production and editing. I also assist in the development of interactive content with a focus on audience engagement and socializing techniques.



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The Gores Group


The Gore Group is a private equity firm specializing in acquiring and partnering with businesses, leveraging their operational expertise and capital base. The company was seeking a new online makeover and required a complete overhaul of the existing content.


Working with a small team we identified the goals the company was hoping to accomplish with the new site. Because of the complex nature of their business, it was necessary to work closely with the company in order to accurately articulate their unique approach within the financial industry. After auditing and organizing content for the site (including the research and knowledge capture for several case studies) we created refreshed content that was used to populate the newly designed website.


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Ethicon is a surgical and wound closure device manufacturer and a division of Johnson & Johnson. The company offers a variety of surgical products for a large range of procedures, which are sold directly to healthcare providers around the world.


Over the years, the company had acquired a number of different brands and technologies that were marketed across different specialties and user groups. As a result, the company had over 40 different websites that needed to be consolidated into a master site. The goal was to unify the different product groups and offerings, while incorporating the company’s new brand voice. Attention also had to be paid to the unique requirements for each user group and medical specialty.


I worked with the user experience team, several creative agencies as well as the client’s internal digital division to help develop and execute the creation of a site that would offer distinct “views” aimed at different user groups (patients, health care professionals and insurance companies) as well as a general-purposed corporate view. As content strategist for the project, I developed matrix, audit and inventory spread sheets as well as a content gap analysis to help the client and UX team to work through each step of the development process. Then, I created templates and developed the taxonomy for each section of the site. For the next phase, I was tasked to bring in and oversee a staff of writers for all content creation as well as copy writing. The project required me to worked with several different creative agencies to help develop editorial guidelines, maintain a uniform brand voice and assist in the SEO and tagging process.



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Fox Searchlight Films

“The East” Website


Fox Searchlight was seeking to created a unique website for the film “The East” that would help to define the themes of the story about a cult that attacks corporate corruption. The challenge for any movie website is that they are visited only once and lack stickiness. Working with the team as the content strategist, I developed an idea where the user would be given a test to determine if they could “join” the East cult. At the end of the experience, Facebook images of each user would be incorporated into a unique visual profile. But the user would always fail the test and then be blocked from returning to the site, which would create interest in trying to replay the test using another device. This increased awareness and sharing of the site and helped to promote the small independent film to tech savvy audiences.



Skydance Interactive

“Archangel” VR game


This is the first original VR game title for Skydance Interactive. I was tasked to work with the team to ideate and develop the story and create a world bible for the game. A key challenge in the game was to overcome the issues of locomotion for the player in a first person shooter. It was also a requirement to create a robust storyworld that could support multiple games and potential expansion into other media.


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Kizashi Ring of Fire Game


As part of the global promotion for its new car, Suzuki wanted to develop a driving game that would introduce the car to a younger audience. The Kizashi Ring Of Fire Racing game was originally created as a browser game that would launch with a promotional cross-continent road trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Working with a small development team, I helped ideate and present the game concept to the marketing agency. I wrote all of the in-game copy that showcased the features of the car without being too overt. With the success of the online game, the company chose to port it to a mobile app and onto Facebook to help build awareness around the car.


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General Electric

GEOTERRA Online Flash Game


Part of GE’s Ecomagination campaign to showcase the company’s commitment to environmentally clean technologies, Geoterra was an immersive online flash game intended to educate consumers on their green products.


Working with a team of designers and game developers from Blitz Digital Studios, I wrote all of the copy for each section of the game and each of the education animation segments.


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Scenemaker for “THE MOVIES” – Online Game


Building on the success of the online component of “The Movies” game, Activision sought to expand the audience by creating a microsite for new users called SceneMaker. The goal was to allow users to make a storyboard of their movies, which they could work on with their friends and thus expand “The Movies” online game universe. Working with a game development team from Blitz Digital Studios, I wrote all the copy and instructional material for all sections of the game and the SceneMaker microsite.



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Cisco’s Global Sales Experience (GSX)

Multiplatform Experience


Every year Cisco convenes a global meeting populated by their large sales force in different locations across multiple continents. To help create a unified experience and message, the company sought the help of JUXT Interactive to design and build a virtual environment that was informative and engaging. I was brought in to work with the team at JUXT to help identify and organize the key content of the experience. My first step was to conduct an extensive audit of collateral across all the business units of Cisco. This provided me background on the major product lines and I was able to generate questions for subject matter experts (SMEs). I proceeded to conduct interviews of stakeholders and SMEs in each division and captured their knowledge in summaries that I shared with the creative team. Several presentations were developed to express our approach on how the content would be represented in the experience. Finally, I created a series of content outlines, which we used to write scripts for various videos, animations and other formats that would form the multiplatform experience for the event.


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Anheuser-Busch & Sony Pictures Television International


“Afterworld” Internet & mobile series and destination website


The first of its kind multi-platform series, Afterworld was an animated Sci-fi series produced by Electric Farm Entertainment in association with Anheuser-Bush’s and Sony Pictures Television International. The story follows the journey Russell Shoemaker, who crosses the country after an apocalyptic event wipes out technology and most of the human population. I was contracted to write and produce the series, which involved writing and rewriting 50 episodes, overseeing web content creation, directing voiceover talent, reviewing edits and helping to implement marketing strategy. The series won “Best Original Programming, Mobile” at the 2008 Mobile Excellence Awards and was nominated for a Webbie in 2008.


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Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI)

“Afterworld: Global Contact” Mobile Game


Upon the success of the Afterworld Web series, Sony Pictures Television International sought to expand the franchise into video games. The first mobile game to be spawned by a multi-platform series with an established community, AFTERWORLD: GLOBAL CONTACT included an on-line component that rewarded players with exclusive web content.

I was contracted to write the scripts for all levels of the game, help conceive of game play scenarios and develop background stories for the additional web content.


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I have over 20 years experience producing video content for TV and the Web. I have served as writer and producer to create scripts, calculate budgets, hire crew, build or secure locations and oversee production and editorial.



Trailer for film “Free Lunch Society”

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Presentation video for the World Health Organization film “Trust WHO”

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Presentation for animated series “Bellboy”

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Case Study for Dark Knight AR experience

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Presentation for film “How to Kill Uffie”

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